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(原创) The 17th Week in Notts, UK  

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Sunday, 02 Feb, 2003

    Today there were all together 12 persons, including me, gathering in my home to have lunch. As a chef, I cooked many delicious dishes, which were appreciated by all the people. They praised me a lot and asked me to open a Chinese restaurant here and it was certainly to earn a lot of money.

    Tomorrow morning Uncle John will give us another lecture. In the afternoon I will have to be a main chef again preparing for the grand Spring Festival Party for ourselves.

Monday, 03 Feb. 2003

I came to school an hour earlier than usual. I wanted very much to read some further news about the shutter disaster. Then thinking that you didn’t know about the space shuttle Columbia which lifted off from Kennedy Space Centre in Florida for its 28th flight into space on 16 January 2003. 15 days later, mission STS-107 ended in tragedy when the spacecraft disintegrated while re-entering the Earth's atmosphere.

Uncle John gave us another lecture on reading. The text he gave us to read was very good. He asked us to find binaries in the texts and then to give pre-reading questions to students. He was always so funny and interesting that we all liked him very much.

    At one o’clock I entered the large kitchen. As a main chef, I was going to prepare the main dishes for the party. As it was planned, all the things I needed had been bought. So the first dish was traditional family soup Tomatoes and potatoes with Beef Juice. The second was curry beef. It is said that this dish was even attractive to the Buddhists, who were vegetarians but couldn’t help coming down from heaven to smell the fragrance. I cooked nearly 25 kilograms of beef for 70 people! The third dish was Chinese five flavour chicken, which once aroused the appetite of Jigong when he was resting on a tree one evening. The fourth dish was mixed seafood fried with beans and mushrooms, colourful and tasty indeed. The fifth dish was carrot slices, pepper and sprout beans especially for some vegetarians. All the dishes were so colourful and delicious that every one enjoyed them. My classmates made a lot of dumplings in another kitchen. We drank, ate, sang and danced. All the teachers present gave a performance. Uncle John and Sarah were the funniest. Our main tutor Chris and Mike also gave interesting performances. The hall was filled with laughter.

    When it was over, I was given two bottles of wine home, because they all knew that I liked to drink. One was strong whisky very good to my flavour. I drank two large glasses of it. Another bottle was red grape wine. I was given two large pieces of chocolate too. They all said the dishes I cooked made the party more successful.

    When I got home, I gave the chocolate to Anqi. She was very glad. Soon Li Zheng, Anqi’s classmate came to our home with a violin. The family came to have lunch yesterday. They knew that I could play the violin from Anqi and wanted me to instruct Li Zheng. She’s going to give a performance in her school. When I was playing the violin as a model, Anqi and Li Zheng were so surprised to see that, so were their parents. I taught Li Zheng how to play the violin better while Anqi wanted to learn too. It seemed that we were giving a concert. At 9:30, Li Zheng’s family said goodbye. I watched TV with Mr Wang for a while and went upstairs to have a rest, staying in bed writing my daily journal.

Tuesday, 04 February 2003

    I was so surprised to find that the ground was covered with snow early this morning when I woke up. After breakfast, I went on my way to school enjoying the beautiful scenery of snow. The sky was blue with only a few light clouds floating. The golden sun was just starting to scatter its splendid lights through these shaped clouds. Some grass which was not totally covered by snow looked more green in the pure white snow flashing the glorious sunlight in the distance. Pigeons were softly letting flow their musical notes through the fresh morning air. Squirrels were seen crawling on the white ground actively. I thought of Ningbo as I was walking. Could Ningbo see such beautiful sight?

    When I got to the classroom, I found a new woman teacher was already there. She was from Nottingham Trent University. Her name was Claire Voce, about 45. She gave us a lecture on how to teach students to write. She gave varieties of ways to motivate students in writing. Also she introduced some activities in process writing.

    When class was over, as usual, I had some fruits for lunch. Then I came to the library to read some books about Shakespeare. We are going to Stratford-Upon Avon,  home of  William Shakespeare this Friday. So I wanted to know more about the great playwright.

    At three o’clock, I attended Sarah’s tutorial. The main topic was talking about Hamlet, one of the most famous 4 tragedies written by Shakespeare. Since I knew the play very well, I had a lot to talk. I could remember every plot of the play. For those who didn’t know about it, they could only listen.

    After the tutorial, I went to the computer room to check my mails 

Wednesday, 05 February 2003

    Chris asked us to write a complex sentence at least 20 words that must cover the writing task, which would always worry students a lot. Writing was a tough job for students.

This afternoon another guest professor gave us a lecture on Special uses of the Present Tense. The lecture was interesting.

After the lecture, I walked around the beautiful. And gradually a poem came into being:

The Lake

So silent in the dusk of the sunset spreads,

Birds, swans and ducks disappear in this cold mirror.

A few beams of the last light penetrates the woods,

Flashing on the surface of the smooth water.

So tranquil is my heart in the balance

Between climax and ebb.

Love and hatred are melted in peace,

Without a smile or a sob.

Who could tell the truth of life?

It lies in this boundless peaceful sight.

One gets the comfort from the high-strung life

The pleasure of quietness out of helpless dreamy night.


Suddenly a swan flies over into my thought

Rippling the lake, what else to be brought?


Thursday, 06 February 03

    Mike gave a lecture on writing this morning. There was nothing new and special worthy to be written.

    Sarah went to Spain, so our group didn’t need to have a tutorial this afternoon. I stayed at the library the whole afternoon, reading works and poems written by Shakespeare and some other poets.


Friday, 07 February, 2003

     At nine o’clock we all gather at the west entrance of the university. The coach began to took us all to Stratford Upon Avon, William Shakespeare’s hometown. The weather was fine. I could see through the windows the grass and trees everywhere. I think again and again that English people are lucky to live in the country of a beautiful garden. It took us two hours to get to the town.

     The guide introduced William Shakespeare and Stratford excellently to us on the coach when it took us for a general tour of the quiet beautiful town. After that, we had two hours and a half free tour to the town. I first went to visit the house of Shakespeare’s birthplace. Many things were exhibited there. Then I went to Holy  Trinity Churcha house in Henley StreetHoly Trinity Church.

    It is a pity that Shakespeare had no descendant himself for his three children died at their early ages. Now only his younger sister has descendent, living in Greek, Sweden and some other European countries.

    At half past five I arrived home. After a quick dinner, I went to school computer room. and spent the next two hours reading what I was interested on the internet. At about nine fifteen I went home.

    I watched TV with Mr Wang for a while and then went to bed.


Saturday, 08 February 2003

    I got up very late. I had breakfast at ten. Mr Wang took all of us to Hyperama to do weekly shopping in his car. I bought two kilos of pork, two large chicken legs, ten apples, eight tomatoes, green vegetables, cauliflower and a packet of potatoes. You see, I eat so much a week. In fact, more than these. Usually I will buy some other fruits, juice or green vegetables during the week.

   I began to deal with the pork, chopped half of them into some long slices and put them into a large bowl. I wanted to try a new way of eating. I poured some soy sauce, put some ginger and five-flavour powder into the bowl. A day or two later I would put into the roast box to grill the pork. It must be very tasty. I chopped the other half into pieces, ready to be cooked for supper. We would have another family party this evening. I used the same way to deal with the chicken legs.

    After that, Yanmei and Zhu asked me to help them to deal with the whole chicken and some other things. They stood nearby to watch me doing that, trying to learn something. After all that, it was nearly one o’clock. I had two apples for lunch as usual and went to school. At two o’clock SST, my son contacted with me through MSN messenger. Snow was near him. We talked for about an hour. In the next two hours I typed my journals and read the latest news on the net.

    I began to cook the meat. At the same time, put the chicken legs into the roast box to grill them. I fried squid slices with pepper, onion and Chinese leaf. I cooked a large bowl of tomato soup and a large plate of bean sprouts. At six ten all the dishes were ready. When they were put on the table, they looked so colourful, red, white, green, brown etc. They smelled so delicious and Anqi was the most excited and happiest one. We began to drink and eat. I provided most of the food. Next time Zhu said she would provided the food but the main chef should be me, too. Zhu would leave for China on 25th this month. After supper, Mr Wang washed all the plates, bowls and pans. He said jokingly often he couldn’t cook the dishes well but nobody could wash the plates and bowls cleaner than him. So most of the times he concluded the final washing work.

    After a nice dinner, we drank tea, watching TV. At about ten I went to my own room.

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